Planning your trips is indeed one of the most exciting parts of traveling, but it also may require lots of your attention and time to make that travel one to remember. From choosing the perfect date that suits your calendar and that of your companions, select your hotel, and plan the activities and attractions’ availability. All these are tasks you cannot overlook. 

One of the trendiest ways to travel is micro-cations, meaning express trips that demand short planning times.

This travel style consists of weekend getaways, which, among many other advantages, offer stress-free planning and fewer expenses involved. Plus, you do not have to wait until your official vacation time to embark on an adventure, and you can unleash your travel spirit anytime!  

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As we know you would like to try this trend, here are some exciting tips for you:

Pick an easy-to-get destination

Some experts point out that micro-cations have increased interest in traveling to closer, more accessible destinations —either taking a direct flight or choosing to drive— as they are usually less expensive, more accessible, and quicker to visit during a weekend. 

Traveling to easy-to-get destinations will leave more time for you to explore. 

Plan ahead

Sometimes just packing a few things and embarking on a journey without any itinerary to follow can be very exciting. Nonetheless, for a successful micro-cation, you want to take the time to plan every aspect of your getaway. Book your tours and activities, print in advance, or save tickets and boarding passes on your electronic wallet. This will save you precious time and be a trouble-free trip.

Book your activities and tour in advance and lear how to do a proper planning for your vacation
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Keep your itinerary simple

We know you’d love to see all the wonders of your chosen destination. However, we recommend planning only a few activities for each day. Don’t overload your itinerary, or else you will be exhausted. Keep your leading objectives in mind: enjoy, relax and keep it easy.

Pack only the essentials

For a weekend getaway, you don’t need a huge bag; expert globetrotters suggest carry-on luggage, especially if you are traveling by plane. Avoid the long lines to check or pick up your suitcases at the airport or any discomforts of heavy luggage —you don’t want to carry it around while you explore your destination.

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Look for an accessible accommodation

Booking a place well located can make the most of your time: you are closer to the attractions you aim to visit, and this simple trick will make your trip more comfortable. Lodging near main interest spots is usually more expensive. Yet, we recommend you try it as you can move around quickly, cheaper, and find better options for entertainment, bars, restaurants, and other local favorites. 

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Are you in for a micro-cation? We hope you find these recommendations helpful when planning a short, well-deserved trip. By the way, which will be your next escapade destination? We’d love to hear from you.