The passion for cooking is reflected in every dish, with each flavor and texture acting a reminiscence of countless memories. Yolanda Yanar describes the special bond she has established during her career, the important role her family plays in her professional life and her outlook on women in the field of gastronomy.

Sharing moments alongside her family in the kitchen brings a shining to her life and inspires her to keep doing what she loves the most. Those experiences have impacted her career, especially while teaching her craft because, after serval years of teaching, she not only shares the knowledge of mixing ingredients, but she seeks to highlight the essence of each person, the feelings, the stories and flavors that everyone loves. 

Nowadays the role that Mexican flavors play in the culinary world, exalts those recipes inherited by mothers and grandmothers. In Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, the talent of renowned Mexican chefs in the current gastronomy with the Women & Traditional Cuisine event will be highlighted. You will delight yourself with unique creations in our Frida restaurant.