We have become dependent on electronic devices, that’s a fact. The relationship with our smartphones and computers is closer to be toxic than healthy, whether by being alert to text messages or emails; or simply because most modern entertainment is consumed through technology.

Incredible as it may seem, the excessive use of mobile phones has both negative physical and psychological effects, from back and headaches to stress, anxiety, and deterioration from social relationships.

If you feel the need to look at your cell phone every minute or suffer from some of the previously noted symptoms, it is probably a good sign that your body is in need of a digital detox, and what better place to cleanse your body and soul than in Mexico’s paradisiacal destinations.

You know we’re right! That’s why we give you a few tips that will help you take that tech break your body demands. 

Set a duration for your digital detox: this will vary depending on how long you want to disconnect. It is advisable to do it during your vacation, which is enough time to help turn it into a habit going forward.

Seek a companion for your detox session: living this experience with family, your partner, or friends will be more enriching and highly motivating. It will also facilitate the task of complete isolation from electronic devices, furthering quality time with the ones you love.

Take back your hobbies: your hobbies will be your main ally during this period, practice them as long as they do not involve the use of technology. You can also try new activities such as going for a walk, yoga, paint, or cooking classes.

Hide your electronic devices: if having your cell phone or computer nearby is highly tempting, then I suggest removing them as far away as possible. You can even ask someone to store them in a safe place, preferably somewhere you won’t be able to find them.

Plan your next vacation at Velas Resorts and live this experience that will undoubtedly free you from life’s everyday stress. Unplug from the tech world at any of its properties and enjoy hours of fun and relaxation in paradise.

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lllustrated by Mariana Pérez