Isn’t it amazing how different cultures around the world developed similar knowledge and wisdom despite being separated in time and distance? That is the case of astrology, and many ancient cultures found and documented how the personality can be influenced by the stars. Just like the Greeks, Chinese and Celts did, Mayans designed their own zodiac.

Mayan cultures had a great understanding of astronomy, with observatories and pyramids built following the Sun and the Moon cycles. They were brilliant mathematicians, with the implementation of the zero in their numerical sequences. With this great capacity to observe their environment, they created a zodiac comprising 13 lunar cycles of 28 days, each representing a sign. Summing a total of 364 days, they dedicated the last day of the year to celebrations, and called it “The day outside of time.”

The Mayan horoscope is so fascinating, that Grand Velas Riviera Maya has created a selection of cocktails inspired by this ancient wisdom to embody the essence of each sign. Find your sign and the mixology creation that goes accordingly, and enjoy it during your next visit to this resort! 

1. Lizard or Lagarto | From December 13 to January 9

They are simple and radiate positive energy. They hate disorder and chaos. They spread their good vibes and cheerful character, perfect surgeons, dentists, and librarians. Prefer to keep a low profile before being noticed so much.

Your cocktail match: Aayin — Sotol, Midori, and tonic water. It is served in an old-fashioned glass with green melon pearls.

Why? Midori, this green liquor resembles the lizard’s emerald green colors.

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2. Monkey or Mono | From January 10 to February 6

The funniest sign of the horoscope. They are the life of the party, characterized by their great sense of humor and their optimistic outlook on life, they are perfect for working on their own as singers, publicists, programmers, and translators.

Your cocktail match: Ma’ax — Xtabentun, mango nectar, lychee nectar. Served in a gin ball glass and decorated with mango and lychee skewer mint leaves.

Why? Xtabentún is a sweet drink that carries its playful and curious spirit.

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3. Falcon or Halcón | From February 7 to March 6

They have a special ability to remain firm in difficult situations; this allows them to find better solutions and reach good agreements; they are excellent pilots and aviators, and with their diplomacy, they become great judges and ambassadors. Hawks are extremely faithful, they will only have one love in life and aims to be with that person forever. If that is not possible, that person will live in their hearts forever, and no one will ever occupy that place.

Your cocktail match: Coz — Charanda, orange liqueur, grapefruit juice, pitahaya pearls, orange juice. A fantasy martini glass is used, frosted with dehydrated citrus zest powder. 

Why? Sharp citrus flavors represent a falcon watching from above, attentive and swift.

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4. Jaguar | from March 7 to April 3

Jaguar is the most passionate sign in the entire horoscope. They love risk and illegality, the more difficult the goal, the more emotion it provokes. They can be witty writers, musicians, or journalists. When they find someone who steals their full attention, they do not give up until they get their love and there is no one who can resist their imminent power of seduction.

Your cocktail match: Balam — Crystalline Mezcal, spicy liquor caviar, coconut water, mint leaves, and citrus drops. It is served in a clay glass or “cantarito” frosted with chile. 

Why? Mezcal is a mysterious and fleeting elixir.

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5. Fox or Zorro | From April 4 to May 1

This sign is characterized by its solidarity and dedication to others. They have the gift of helping whoever they can. Because of their dedication to service, they are excellent nurses, sociologists, teachers, psychologists, and volunteers. They are contradictory, they can be very calm, but also irascible when angry. 

Your cocktail match: Fex — Añejo mezcal smoked with cedar and rosemary, crushed with maguey worms and chicatana ants. Smoke a balloon glass is filled with citrus fruits and rimmed with worms and ants powder.

Why? Aged Mezcal smoked with fine woods, bold and intelligent in every movement.

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6. Squirrel or Ardilla | From May 30 to June 26

They have a good sense of humor. Their sympathy makes it easy for them to make friends wherever they go. They are expressive, dreamy, and talkative, which sometimes gets them into trouble. Their ideal professions are announcers, administrators, or commentators. They unconditionally support their partners and love to surprise them with small details.

Your cocktail match: K’u’uk — Coconut cream, Xtabentún, blackberries, and blueberry.

Why? Blueberries, sour, and crisp play on your palate like squirrels on the trees.

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7. Serpent or Serpiente | From May 2 to May 29

They have a lot of presence and their nature is sensual and flirtatious. They go through life with great elegance, and will never go unnoticed. Very cultured and ambitious. They enjoy solitude and like to have their own space. Excellent publicists.

Your cocktail match: Ka’an Xila espadín mezcal with 7 notes, clamato, citrus, and dark beer. Served on a frosted beer glass with celery salt and celery stalk as a stirrer. 

Why? Xila is a mixture of agave and peppers that “bites.”

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8. Turtle or Tortuga | From June 27 to July 25

The turtle loves home life. They enjoy being alone, but also dedicating their time to family. They love nature and are excellent gardeners, biologists, and ecologists. They are shy and introverted and prefer relationships that go smoothly, step by step. They never give the first step, giving space for the other person to propose.

Your cocktail match: Áak — Pulque, guava, ground cinnamon, agave honey. Served on a cocktail glass.

Why? Pulque, an emblem of Mexico, the most ancient of drinks, is in no hurry to evolve.

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9. Bat or Murciélago | From July 26 to August 22

They have a dominant personality, are leaders by nature, and their charisma is unmatched. They have a lot of energy and don’t know about limits. Above all, they will make clear that they are devoted to freedom. They are good at developing as economists, politicians, businessmen, rulers, or ministers.

Your cocktail match: Zotz — Bacanora, dark cherry liqueur, coffee foam and cinnamon. Martini glass with instant coffee frosting and decorated with cocoa and chocolate.

Why? The nocturnal animal that is associated with the vigor of coffee and chocolate, Bacanora complements it.

10. Scorpio or Escorpión | From August 23 to September 19

They are very idealistic and friendly, however, in their way of thinking they have rigid ideas and feel uncomfortable with changes. They are active and only speak when they think they have something important to say. They are excellent lawyers or secretaries of state. They show their affection with facts, but as nothing escapes their memory, they can be extremely spiteful.

Your cocktail match: Sina’an Charanda, coconut water, pineapple juice, condensed milk and agave honey. A cocktail glass is decorated with honey caviar and flower petals.

Why? Charanda, a sharp stinger that gently numbs the senses.

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11. Deer or Venado | From September 20 to October 17

They are extremely sensitive and sentimental. They live eternally in love. They need their life to pass in harmony and peace, and have a lot of willpower. Their sensitivity is closely linked to art, and they will shine as sculptors, painters, poets or designers.

Your cocktail match: Kéeh – Mezcal, tequila cream. A cup is frosted with liquid chocolate and decorated with white chocolate flakes.

Why? Tequila cream, subtle flavor that combines grace and flavors.

Fuente: Univisión

12. Barn owl or Lechuza | From October 18 to November 14

They are very intuitive and sociable beings. Wise by nature and irremediable advisers. They tend to be volatile in temperament even though they are very spiritual. The most important thing for them is their inner world. They will excel as farmers, veterinarians, and biologists.

Your cocktail match: Tunkuruchu— Cristalino Tequila and dark beer. It is served in a tulip glass frosted with dehydrated lime zest and pink salt from Celestún.

Why? Dark Beer helps enhance brain activity and engages in wise talk.

Fuente: Univisión

13. Peacock or Pavorreal | From November 15 to December 12

They have a compelling need to excel. They are unique and must prove it all the time. They love to be the center of attention and climb to the top, thus they are excellent directors and perform very well as actors for they love to play roles.

Your cocktail match: Kutz — Pox, agave syrup, rose liqueur. Served in a martini glass with caramelized cherries.

Why? Pox, the essence of corn in multiple colors that come together in a smooth and elegant liquid.

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Hope you enjoyed finding your personality traits according to the Mayan horoscope!  Let us know in the Comments section how interesting you’ve found this information.