Enjoying my home has always been one of my greatest pleasures, watch a good movie and spending an afternoon chatting with my family is an experience that I cannot compare with anything else.

From the moment health measures were taken in Mexico to prevent Covid-19 pandemic, I knew that our daily activities would take a different course; we might face the reality to start new routines. My biggest challenge? Cook something different for my family and not get bored with same old flavors.

Before the social distancing occurred, a good fish fillet with salad and rice, chicken with mole or some delicious enchiladas used to save the daily menu –of course, sometimes home delivery was my great ally–. However, this time at home is a good opportunity to explore some activities that can make it even more enjoyable, such as cooking.

I am truly impressed to see how we can keep as close as ever through digital tools, from live broadcasts on Facebook, to tips to take care of your skin from home and even meditation sessions. What I have found so useful is the variety of recipes that chefs at Velas Resorts have shared.

“What’s in your pantry?” opened the possibilities to explore and cook delicious dishes with everything we have in the fridge and pantry. I just wanted an easy recipe to celebrate my son’s birthday, so I decided to take part of it, and a few days later I received a personalized recipe: Sushi Cake by Chef Isaac Esparza. It seemed very complicated, but I accepted the challenge!

“Botan” rice, kanikama, Nori seaweed… I could make a classic sushi roll, but I needed to try the special touch of Velas Resorts. I discovered that with exotic ingredients you can cook very rich, different and simple dishes. My usual cooking skills took a new level and now I cannot wait to keep trying with more recipes.

My family was pleased, and surprised. We had a special celebration for my son and we really enjoyed the flavor as much as the preparation.

– Mary Tovar, Mexico City

At Velas Resorts we are excited to read so many stories about your time at home. Please share with us the great moments you have spent, recipes that you have cooked or wellnessing moments you have enjoyed! We want to continue as close as ever. As you may know, we are preparing a special surprise on your next visit to any of our properties.

Share with us your best moments at home!