As our future lies in the hands of children, is essential to instill eco-friendly values at a very young age as well as include them in various recycling projects. By giving them a head start, they will grow to be more responsible for their waste, which will also arouse respect for the environment and their interest in becoming protectors of the Earth.

Recycling is one of the most meaningful ways in which we can give life to a used item. A few examples of recyclables are paper and cardboard, which can easily be converted into shoes or cereal boxes, and interestingly, 8 boxes of cereal can be used to make an entire book. Notably, less energy and supplies are needed to recycle than to produce a new item, thus reducing landfill non-biodegradable waste that is harmful to our environment.

Children at a very young age have an enormously creative mind, which is why it is necessary to steer them towards activities that they take pleasure in, and recycling projects should be no different. Creating a fun environment around these green-friendly activities will incite curiosity and their overall participation. 

It is important to teach children about the importance of sorting waste into three containers; paper and cardboard, plastics, and glass. Organic waste can be used as compost that children can utilize as food for their plant, this will generate a sense of accomplishment once bloomed.

A few organizations that specialize in recycling projects are:

ECOCE: A non-profit civil association created and sponsored by the consumer products industry for the proper management of packaging and sorting waste in Mexico. ECOCE has waste collection programs and events that promote recycling.

BioBox: These waste collection machines facilitate the process of recycling by operating as inverse vending machines. As you deposit the waste, they in return give you points that you can exchange as coupons or discounts at various points of sale. 

Jer: An online platform that collects any unwanted electronic devices from your home or office for recycling.

As you see, there’s plenty of support from the community that can boost your little one’s interest in recycling projects. The time to start recycling is now.