Did you say “Yes” and the ceremony will be celebrated in another city? Congratulations! We know that you’re surely enjoying your newly-engaged bliss. Still, when it comes to a destination wedding, that joy increases as it means celebrating the ceremony in a dreamy vacation spot

Guests usually have more questions about these types of events. But, no worries, here you have the step-by-step to announce a destination wedding, so your family and friends will be happy to hear the great news. 

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1. Tell your nearest first  

Usually, the closest people tend to be your parents, siblings, or grandparents. Depending on the situation, be sure to tell the nearest people in your life first where your love story will be celebrated. Your family and your friends will surely love the idea that they’re going to party at a vacation spot. 

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2. Share the most important information 

To avoid misunderstandings, after you’ve selected the destination where the ceremony will take place, share the most relevant information with your guests. To make it easier, it’s a good idea to get the most from social media. 

Some couples create a group on Facebook or WhatsApp to keep all possible attendees up to date on the event details. Likewise, the bride and groom will answer on the same platform if any question arises, letting everyone knows about the latest news. 

Photo by Dani Haims

You also have the option to create a web page where all guests can confirm their assistance. Additionally, It’s a more formal and official way to make them know the place, hours, dressing code, among other relevant details. 

3. Mention the advantages of the destination 

Even though most guests will be glad to celebrate your love story in another destination, there will be some people that, for different reasons, may refuse the idea of traveling to another city. If you really appreciate these people and wish to see them on your wedding day, we recommend you tell them the reasons you chose that vacation spot and make them know everything they might enjoy there. 

For example, if you and your couple choose the Riviera Maya, you can tell them how wonderful it is to vacation in the Mexican Caribbean, its extraordinary beaches, all the eco-parks they can visit during their stay, and the spectacular points of interest in the surroundings. 

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4. Tell them about the hotel activities

Do you plan to celebrate your wedding at a hotel or luxury resort? If you booked an All-Inclusive venue, we suggest you tell your friends and family about all the activities they can enjoy before and after the ceremony. When they know the quality of the cuisine, the wide variety of bars, Spa treatments, kid-friendly activities, and amazing pools, their joy will surely increase as the wedding day approaches. 

5. Offer a Save the date

A “Save the date” is a card that announces a number of months before the event, all the information about your wedding, letting your guests know the date, reservation deadline, and everything about the destination they will visit. This card is a printed alternative to the wedding web page, especially for those who are not familiar with technology. 

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Ready to take the first step to announce your wedding?

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