When you think about meditation, you could probably relate it with religious traditions, for example, Buddhism, and of course, it is a practice with origin in Asian beliefs. Nowadays, it is used as a complementary therapy, ideal to reduce stress and fortify your thoughts and body.

There are different ways to practice meditation, but the most common is with body moves, breathing exercises, and mantras. The last one has a special meaning in Sanskrit: protection for your mind, since with the repetition of simple words or phrases your cells vibrate and the energy goes through your body.


How can you strengthen your immune system?

The first step is to understand its functions, mainly about the thymus gland, which is part of the lymphatic system. This gland is a small organ that produces T lymphocytes to fight infections and viruses.

There is a simple meditation to fortify this gland and make sure it is functioning properly:

  • Activation

This meditation is perfect to stay at home, in a tranquil and illuminated space. You just need a yoga mat or a towel.

For the activation of the thymus gland, you need to bump softly at the center of your chest with your fist clenched. At the same time, you will inhale and exhale calmly. For 1 minute, the vibrations will make your gland stronger and its functions will improve.

After, it is time to vibrate the body more deeply with the ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO mantra. Just put your hands at the center of your chest in Mudra of Prayer, close your eyes and stay quiet. Now inhale and repeat 3 times: ONG NAMO GURU DEV NAMO.

The importance of this phrase is within its meaning in Sanskrit:

  • ONG is similar to OM, and means the creative energy.
  • NAMO has origin in NAMASTE, which means call on or to bow.
  • GURU is the one who brings us light.
  • DEV means subtle or divine, it searches the connection with our wisdom.

So, this phrase is a way to open new positive energies, and relax your being.

These exercises are perfect to start your day, and you just need 1 or 3 minutes. You could try it while you listen to the sound of the sea. Your system will be fortified and light will come through you!