A jade roller is an ancient tool used to revitalize the skin and improve circulation, one that was highly popular among the royalty of ancient China. Jade is a gem linked to protection and emotional health, the Mayans considered it as a stone with healing properties, which they extended in praise to their gods.

Today the jade roller has gone from being one of the best-kept beauty secrets to a revolution in the world of social media, due to its significant skin advantages. A few of its benefits are the absorption of moisturizing products and the stimulation of circulation that achieves an alteration in the appearance of the skin.

Below are the five benefits that this tool will bring to your skincare routine.

1. Reduces swelling

Due to its natural quality, the jade stone is always fresh, thus helping reduce inflammation caused by a bad night’s sleep, and improves the appearance of the sensitive eye area.

2. Stimulates circulation

Due to the smoothness of the jade stone roller, it renders a relaxing massage that stimulates blood circulation, preventing dryness, loss of vitality, and enhances radiance in the skin.

3. Improves the absorption of cosmetic products

The application of creams, oils, and other skin treatments are enhanced when distributed with the jade roller; providing a smooth, perfectly polished surface free of any porosity, the entire product remains on the skin, granting better absorption of the applied cosmetic.

4. Eliminates toxins

A properly executed facial massage stimulates lymphatic drainage, which results in the reduction of dark circles, lowers stress levels, helps eliminate fluid retention, reduces inflammation, and contributes to the improvement of the body’s defenses.

5. Prevents wrinkles

By using the smaller roller on the opposite end, you can massage around the eye, from the inside out in a clockwise direction, thus helping diminish wrinkles. This massage can also be enhanced by adding wrinkle cream.

Ask for this amazing tool on your next visit to your favorite Spa and discover the nourishing benefits of a jade facial.