Do you miss coming home and feeling a space renewed and full of life?
It’s easy to create a new atmosphere by adding just a splash of creativity and some details. We share 7 super simple tips for you to give a new look to your home.

1. Plants, plants and more plants!

The best decoration element you can find. Plants and flowers add a stylized touch, while giving life to the room. Look for original places for displaying your green gems: on top of the TV, in the kitchen, in the bookcases …

2. Walls with personality

Sometimes, just decorating a wall with objects, pictures and details enhances a space completely. Give your artistic side a chance and paint simple artwork or motifs to add a very original touch to a wall.

3. Adorable corners

Choose a corner and turn it into a special space: fill it with details that are meaningful to you, and combine textures and colors in a surprising way. It will be your favorite spot from now on!

4. A splash of color

Color influences our mood, this is a well-known theory. Do you have a favorite color palette? Take it to cushions, decorative accents, walls, rugs or even a piece of furniture to give a new look and feel to your space.

5. Renew doors and furniture handles

Amazing, but just changing the handles and knobs on the cabinets and drawers leaves a whole new impression. An instant way to make a substantial change.

6. Light with design

Light is queen when making a space feel warmer, harmonious and pleasant. Trends mark that is best to include it in layers, placing lamps at different heights, whether pendant, wall or floor. Indirect lights on shelves and mirrors, as well as LED’s on plants look wonderful.

7. Windows, your space’s frame

Windows are focal points when it comes to decoration. They are the source of natural light, and they serve as perfect frames for your spaces. Choose colorful curtains if the rest of the space is decorated in neutral tones, place a bench with cushions nearby, or decorate the glass with decals or self-adhesive vinyl designs to enhance the look of a room.

We hope you find these tips very useful! Only a few but astounding; the rest is on your creativity. Do you have additional tips to share? Be sure to write to us in the comments section.