Sometimes a call or a message is not enough to feel closer to those who are miles away from you. But now there is a huge advantage to have a great tool to communicate with everybody around the world, that’s why apps have become our allies. So, it’s time to schedule a video call.

These are 5 of the most popular apps, they are very useful to see your family or just talk with friends.


This platform has been very popular lately since it’s the perfect alternative to have job reunions or virtual classes because it allows up to 100 participants. For those cases, it’s a good tool to share documents, record the call and more. There are some paying functions, but in general, the free options are very functional.

To organize a call with your family is not necessary that everyone have an account, you just need to send them a special code to their email, and they will have access to the video call. It’s pretty easy!


It’s a classic for those Apple users because it’s really simple to connect with your contacts. Even though FaceTime is just for the iOS system, the best advantage is that you don’t necessarily need to be connected to WiFi, because it consumes very little mobile data —compared with other apps.

Besides, you could have a group call with up to 32 users, and the quality of video and audio is great.


This app was one of the first that allows the option to make a video call —a long time ago after Windows Live Messenger disappears. Skype is a great tool with free options, for example, chats, calls, and video conferences.

Also, it’s very popular for work or school but, we think it’s a great idea to use it for a Friday night call with all your family because you can add 50 users to a group. So, will you organize the virtual karaoke night?


This one is maybe the one we all —mostly— have on our cellphone and allows us to make a video call in a very easy way. Perhaps, the disadvantage is that you just can add 3 persons to the call but, it sounds like a perfect plan to organize something with your best friends to share your experiences these last weeks.


Calling to family and friends is common but, with this app, you will take it to another level, since it’s not just for video calls but you and your friends could play online. We know it sounds like a simple connection to conventional videogames, but the interesting thing is you could play fun activities like Trivia, Act it Out, Guess the word and more. 

What’s your favorite app to make video calls?