Winter is usually characterized by cold weather, which makes us adapt our outfits to look incredible, but it is a fact that there are also some places where warm weather is present all year round, such as some beach destinations.

So, regardless of the weather this season, we share the trends that will make a difference in your winter look.

For cold climate: Women


Long and oversized coats are the highlights for winter because, in addition to soft textures and pastel colors, they are very comfortable and warm. Sure, you can give it a special touch with an extra accessory, such as a belt or a scarf.


Denim is the must-have in every closet, but these jeans have returned since the 90’s to combine with a cardigan for a casual look or stilettos shoes for a more formal outfit.


Also, a trend of the nineties is the headscarves, and this winter they will return with more impact to replace the beanies hats. Whether they are tie-dye, with textures, vibrant colors, or monochromatic, it will complete your whole look.

For cold climate: Men

Leather jacket

A classic and inevitable garment, but this winter the biker style will stand out in the trends, although the bomber style will also be perfect for a more subtle style.

Corduroy trousers

Corduroy has not been seen as a trend for several seasons, this year it will be your best ally for the cold, so for a formal or casual event the colors you should choose range from black and brown, to olive green, mustard, and purple.

Bostonian boots

Also known as Budapest or Brogue, they are distinctive boots for their elegance and versatility with all kinds of looks, for something formal with corduroy trousers or perhaps a relaxed look with jeans.

For warm climate: Women


To lay down by the pool or just walk on the beach, a kimono complements perfectly as it stylizes and gives a twist to your style.

Knitted sweater

Spending the night on the beach, or walking along the boardwalk are ideal plans, and to keep the warmth of the day, a light knitted sweater will give you a casual and very trendy style.

Bardot neckline

Named after French actress Brigitte Bardot in the ’50s and ’60s. This season either a dress or a blouse, the Bardot neckline streamlines the figure and looks beautiful with different patterns and colors.

For warm climate: Men

Sports sandals

They are the perfect choice to be comfortable and cool, as this type of sandals looks well with shorts or jeans. Thanks to the fact that the nineties are back with great power in fashion, these classics of that time are a must for hot places.

Bohemian pants

A little-seen style, but this season will give a plus to your entire outfit. Being very unusual pants, it is easy to combine them with basic garments such as a white t-shirt and tennis shoes. They are very cool so they are ideal for a walk at sunset.


Of course, at all times we must protect ourselves from the sun, so it is a must, especially for warm places. For this winter, coffee tones will go well with any style; regardless of the frame or shape, this color will highlight your whole look.

So, what is the climate of the place where you live?