As the main ingredient of delightful meals and desserts, cacao is a traditional fruit in Mexico that has inspired multiple legends. Its wide variety of beneficial properties go above and beyond the culinary world, being applied to mixology as well. 

The origin of cacao is uncertain as researchers have found that it was first cultivated by the Olmecs. The value of its beans reached amazing heights that this civilization considered cacao to be a gift from the gods.

Being a symbol of abundance, the origin of this fruit is associated with Quetzalcóatl, the Aztec god responsible for bringing the cacao tree to humans. Given that the other gods did not forgive him for sharing so, he confided to his wife this great treasure. Despite the threats of the enemies, she did not confess the whereabouts of the divine food. 

The importance of cacao in Mexico and the world is so significant that it deserves to be honored. In order to celebrate such an amazing flavor and folklore, Velas Resorts will host an event that allows you to discover all its benefits. 

A three-week event that invites you to delight in this precious ingredient through new aromas and textures. Participants can take cooking lessons and enjoy exquisite meals tastings in which cacao plays the main role. In addition to this, more than 10 cocktails will be prepared using the traditional Food of the Gods as the only protagonist. 

A wonderful chocolate collection is a great highlight of the event. It was prepared in collaboration with the famed Chef Jean-Marie Auboine, one of the top chocolate masters in the world. 

With numerous benefits, the wellness industry takes advantage of its properties. So, you can also pamper the body and soul with one-of-a-kind Spa treatments that will rehydrate and exfoliate your skin. 

Get your taste buds ready in the Sabor Cacao event and witness the marvels of the Food of the Gods.