As we kick off the year, one of our wishes is to enjoy some gourmet flavors we missed in 2020 and to satisfy our taste buds with incredible gastronomic trends—this time is about enhancing the flavors and nutrients without sacrificing its essence.

Delight your culinary senses with these predictions for an exquisite 2021.

  • Wholesome foods

We have become more mindful of the foods we consume; it is no longer sufficient to eat all three meals of the day, but rather to meet the necessities of our bodies in a well-defined way. Superfoods will continue to be considered worthy of such title and will keep being part of wellness and fitness programs. Respect for animals and excellent product quality above all are what will shape this modern trend.

  • A star ingredient is key

Meals will now demand exceptional quality from the lead ingredient for 2020. Each dish will highlight one key ingredient that will act as the star, however, it is a must that this ingredient is cultivated free of pesticides to reduce the number of harmful chemicals that will generate an environmentally friendly production, in addition to creating a flavorsome dish.

  • Sustainable kitchen

The consumption of local products will greatly decrease the use of transports that consume large amounts of fuel. This will also help sustain the freshness of the food due to its short distance routes, enabling the adoption of a healthier diet as outlined in point one.

  • Vegetable-oriented gastronomy

2021 will be a deciding year for vegetable cookery. At the moment, it has a considerable number of followers which continues to increase. Luckily, an increase is anticipated as people become more educated about climate change that our planet is facing and the impact that each one leaves in their daily consumption of food, especially the meat industry. 

  • Low sugar consumption 

As the year rolls on, creativity is looking to explode to the point of raising fruit syrups to sweeten all kinds of drinks, desserts, and meals, while achieving an exceptional flavor and enhancing the color of molasses.

As these new trends unfold, there’s no other option but to indulge in the delights that 2021 has in store!