Being a foodie goes beyond having spectacular photos on Instagram of all the dishes you have eaten, but knowing and delving into culinary trends that create new possibilities. The challenge of the gastronomic world is, on the one hand, to highlight local flavors and traditions, and on the other hand, to try little-known ingredients.

Such is the case of a peculiar tuber that has brought a unique visual element to different preparations. We are talking about the ube or purple yam, which is a type of root with gray skin and purple pulp that has been making its way into the kitchen for its bright color and sweet flavor.

Originally from the Philippines, this tuber has been very popular in that area of ​​Asia, but in recent years it has conquered the entire world for its use in cookies, cakes, ice cream, and all kinds of drinks.


Why should you include it in your diet?

Nutritionally, ube is so compared to potatoes or sweet potatoes, since it is a fact that they share similar characteristics, but the peculiar violet root has certain properties that are very beneficial for your body.

Ube contains carbohydrates and fibers that regulate blood sugar levels, as well as minerals such as potassium, iron, and phosphorus. On the other hand, vitamin A is one of the components with the greatest presence in this tuber and helps to improve eyesight, the appearance of the skin, and prevents some types of cancer.

For the proper functioning of the immune system, the vitamin C that ube provides, helps to improve some respiratory infections and due to its antioxidant properties is a great ingredient for healing, reduces the signs of aging, and strengthens bones.


Being so similar to sweet potato, its sweet flavor can be perfectly combined with almost everything, but the main intention is to seize its unique color, so it is common to use it as a natural coloring. Unlike taro, which is also a root that gives a certain shade of purple, the taste of ube is sweeter. Some associate it with the flavor of vanilla, nut, or coconut, which is why it is more popular with desserts and drinks.

We share some ideas with you, but we always recommend experimenting a little in the kitchen and discovering unique combinations.


With a little bit of ube puree, you can give that violet color to all your desserts, just keep an eye on the quantities, as it can alter the humidity or cooking time. But there’s no doubt, it will maximize the sweet flavor of brownies, cheesecake, macarons, cupcakes… Everything you can imagine!


Your favorite drink with the peculiar color of ube, whether you use a little of the cooking water of the tuber or add it directly to your smoothie in the morning. Even pigmenting the milk of the dalgona coffee, it will be an exquisite mixture.

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