Beny, whose real name is Benigno, is one of Casa Velas‘ bartenders. With 14 years of experience and enjoying every minute of it, he loves sharing moments with every guest that shows in his savory cocktails and drinks he delicately prepares. 

He decided to be called Beny as that name sounds funnier, shorter, and easier to pronounce. Bartenders at the lobby are crucial to making all guests continue their afternoon satisfied and fully relaxed, feeling the attentive service that distinguishes Casa Velas.

Cocktail making has become so important in his life. It is not just a job, but a way of enjoying life, learning something new every day, and growing in areas that make him feel better as a person. 

He will never forget his first day at Casa Velas, as he was exposed to an entirely new environment, one that he was not used to. Beny faced a challenge in which cleverness helped him achieve his goals and become one of the best in his area. Able to captivate guests’ hearts, he manages to be one of the most mentioned on social media —something he is proud of.

On your next visit to Casa Velas, make sure to say hi to Beny at the Lobby Bar and taste his refreshing margaritas, one of his go-to drinks. You should also savor the Beny Special, a rum and fruit juice cocktail that leaves everyone speechless!