Photo by Casa Velas

Amidst a tight schedule and a fast-paced life, we often set aside our own well-being. Self-care promotes physical and mental health, crucial for facing challenges with resilience and gratitude. Therefore, prioritizing your personal harmony is not a luxury but a necessity.

In this context, Wellness Wednesday is an exclusive program at Casa Velas. This experience offers a day dedicated to revitalizing your body and soul through a series of activities designed for reconnection.

Get ready for this transformative journey!

Hatha Yoga

Under the guidance of an expert instructor, you will start the day with postures that strengthen your body and promote inner harmony. Each movement becomes a dance between strength and serenity, allowing for reflection and finding inner peace.

Photo by Casa Velas


Following the yoga session, you will continue with a deep meditation under the shade of a century-old tree. Here, you will enjoy a serene space to reconnect with the goodness of Mother Earth. With each exhale, stress dissolves, and inner peace flourishes.

Wellness Beverages

Once you finish meditating, it’s the perfect time to head to the hotel’s botanical garden and enjoy a unique detox experience with our wellness beverages. Prepared with organic herbs grown on the property, the herbal teas and cold infusions offer an explosion of fresh and healthy flavors.

Photo by Casa Velas


The next step of Wellness Wednesday takes you through a profound renaissance through breathing exercises. This practice immerses you in a unique state of consciousness, where sensations, feelings, and emotions intertwine.

Four-element Labyrinth

Based on the four natural elements, this labyrinth represents the paths toward truth, wisdom, the soul, and personal fulfillment; its rituals encourage deep reflection to free yourself from all concerns. As you traverse its trails, you will also explore the deepest corners of your being, leading you to a state of fulfillment.


Your experience culminates with aromatherapy sessions that immerse you in total relaxation. Through essential oils of lavender, mint, rosemary, and basil, all cultivated in the hotel’s botanical garden, each fragrance will fully relax you.

Photo by Casa Velas

In Wellness Wednesday, the pursuit of balance becomes a transformative journey during your stay at Casa Velas. Each activity intertwines with the next, creating an experience of self-care and connection with nature.