Weddings become a very special memory with every detail and, without a doubt, it becomes an even more memorable event when we touch the hearts of our guests with a small gift that means a lot to each of them and that is a form of gratitude for sharing such an important moment.

There are infinite options, but the Velas Resorts’ Wedding Planners share 6 unique ideas for you to personalize those giveaways and your loved ones take home a nice gift.

1. Local handicrafts

Take advantage of the cultural richness of the place where you are planning your event, if it is a destination wedding —to optimize your budget— you can delve into the crafts they have in that area.

2. Long-term

Create great gifts that your guests can use, whether it is a fan, a small plant to decorate their home, or a thermos, it is important to be able to give it a long-term use and that people remember you fondly every time that gift is close to them.

3. Don’t forget the gentleman!

Sometimes we focus our efforts on generic gifts, but how about personalizing these giveaways for him and her? It will be a great detail for all your guests.

4. For the groomsmen and best man

A unique detail for the groom’s friends will be like a promise of friendship on that special day, so you can consider something creative full of meaning.

5. For the bridesmaids

Sharing a little detail with the bridesmaids will make them uniquely remember your wedding, so give them a gift that commemorates this special date.

6. How is the climate?

You should check out the season or the climate of the place of your wedding, so it will be easier to personalize the gifts for your guests. For example, for the beach, some refreshing giveaways will make a difference and everyone will appreciate it.

What is your favorite idea?

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