Think back to your previous Spa getaway? How was it? Do you still recall the soothing fragrance from their signature ingredients? At times, we chat up or even resort to snooping over to see if our masseuse can share some of their signature ingredients that make their Spa treatments utterly euphoric.  

Oddly enough, the signature ingredients in award-winning Spa treatments and products aren’t fancy at all. In fact, most are plucked from trees, retrieved straight from their exotic jungles, scorching deserts or even the ocean grounds. Here are some of Spa’s trendiest ingredients that have been essential in turning your Spa session into a blissful experience.

Relaxation sweetness: Honey

honey for spa treatments

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The natural sweetness from a hard day’s labor provided by the small yet astonishing bees gives us an extra touch to our morning tea, yet it has also been used as a moisturizer for centuries. A few honey treatments feature buckwheat honey as it is the highest in vitamin C, while others use beeswax which acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic. Check out the full list of advantages and purposes here. 

Citrusy richness: Fruits and yogurt

AHA for smoother skin

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Acidic lemon, enzyme-rich papayas, or AHA-infused natural yogurt are among the ingredients trending in the wellness market, some that you definitely must add to your everyday routines. Looking for smoother skin? Perhaps these 6 Hydroxy acid fruit rituals can help.

Succulent replenish: Blue agave

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One of the most sacred plants within Mexico’s deep-rooted culture, known to produce the signature tequila; also provides perfect hydration and protection against the signs of aging and pollution. SE Spa at Grand Velas Los Cabos indulges guests with a holistic wellness experience that goes above and beyond. Here you can choose from a variety of Blue Agave fused treatments, each with a unique remedy to soothe, moisturize, and replenish while surrounded by the luxury paradise of the Pacific. Learn more about our wellness rituals here

Palm goddess: Coconut

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The crop most distinguished amongst the tropics and now to the world, as due to recent lifestyle trends, the coconut has become a must ingredient for not just cooking, and drinking but also for your skin, hair and face with its high percentage of saturated fats, and ability to restore resilience and moisture. Find out some ways you can incorporate coconut oil into your skincare and hair routine. 

So whether you enjoy your citrus, sweets or a nice shot of tequila, remember that your signature ingredients for a replenishing treatment are right by your kitchen.