Create and color a mandala helps to purify our thoughts and feelings, further is a great activity to share a moment with your family but, what’s the origin of this fully colored symbols?

From a spiritual meaning, these forms symbolize the cosmos, which is the center and origin between spirit and human connection. The literal meaning word “mandala” comes from Sanskrit and means “circle”.

Since many years ago, Buddhists scriptures depict mandalas as a moment of creativity, meditation, and a symbol of deeper connection with the self and the universe. Nowadays, color those equilibrated figures bring calm and improve concentration.

Some psychologists, explain that every mandala reflects your own emotions and thoughts, it’s like a mirror. Since you are free to choose how to bring to life these symbols, the connection with your feelings makes the colors flow.

The election of the colors is a fundamental part to give a special meaning:

  • White: Peace and purity
  • Black: Mystery and sophistication
  • Grey: Tenacity and calm
  • Green: Nature and hope
  • Blue: Tranquility and calmness
  • Red: Love and energy
  • Yellow: Happiness and warmth
  • Orange: Optimism and attention
  • Pink: Kindness and sweetness
  • Purple: Wisdom

Either you combine the colors or add different shades of a single color, your imagination is the key to connect with your mandala.

In Velas Resorts, we want you to have a relaxing moment and that’s why we share with you this special edition of our mandala book, with 56 symbols to color and tie together with your emotions.

Download it and fill it with color!