Yoga is profoundly correlated with meditation, physical and spiritual well-being, so learning and practicing asanas with your baby can stimulate their emotional and psychomotor development.

The emotional bond created with practices such as yoga renders a boost in their self-esteem, which permits greater independence when carrying out their daily activities, including eating, and dressing. This is a crucial part of their cognitive development as it will help foster their neural connections that are responsible for transmitting and processing information, which translates into actions.

By partaking in this practice you also have the opportunity to learn new exercise techniques while setting time aside centered on your baby’s development, in a highly adventurous experience that will make them want to keep moving. 

Baby Yoga can be a highly enjoyable activity that serves as a stimulant for your little one without being invasive, nor barring from their everyday activities. The more smiles it produces, the more fun and profound connection you will be able to achieve, resulting in better self-confidence, which will lead to better future relationships.

Immerse in the world of Yoga alongside your little one and reach a moment of fullness while having fun!