Wellnessing Getaway Online was a good moment for getting healthy practices, even at home, resting from the busy daily routine, was an excellent opportunity to stay active, try new exercise routines and acquire new habits that contribute to your well-being. 

During the past May 1st, you could enjoy different activities in this holistic wellness event designed to give you a sensation of absolute well-being. Streaming on the Velas Resorts Facebook page, the online experience offered video workshops to connect you with your inner being while renewing your mind and body, and to unlock your mental and spiritual potential, through meditation, exercise routines, and rituals. 

If you couldn’t participate in this incredible experience, here is a recap of the activities that 10 wellness experts share with us.

Energetic sunrise

The first streaming was Burn fat + Tone with Rebecca Louise, who is a personal trainer and youtuber. Her routine is designed to energize your body and keep you that way all day.

Later, Rachael DeVaux, nutritionist and personal trainer, got us in shape with her 15-minute Full Body Workout class.

Longevity o’clock

There are different points of view to study the things that bring us joy, but Nikki Sharp, speaker and wellness influencer, explained to us The science of happiness to learn how our emotions work and get us closer to our inner-self.

Karla Tafra, a yoga instructor and nutritionist, shared with us a workshop about Nutrition and superfood, during which we learned about the benefits of this trend and why it is important to include them in our daily diet.

Elevated bliss

How about an Immersion session for anxiety relief and grounding? The founder of the Mexican Institute of Yoga, Ana Paula Domínguez showed us a very relaxing session for us to try it every day at home.

We explored our creativity through art and discovered all its benefits with Art therapy by Beatriz Madrazo, who is a psychotherapist focused on emotional art expression for children, teens, and adults.

Alternative medicine has several advantages that complement our well-being, we learned each one of them with the Ritual baths expert Deborah Hanekamp, who gave us some tips to transform our bathroom into a healing space.

Body and soul awakening

Rebeca Sutton is a fitness expert and trainer who gave us rhythm with a Dance workout. It was the perfect way to have fun on this day focused on wellness.

Near the end of the day, we renewed ourselves with a special session of Yoga + Healing with the instructor Danica Johnson. There is no doubt, our body and spirit felt lighter.

To close this retreat, we joined a special Sound therapy session with a pioneer in the research of sound therapy, Roberto Gopar, who has been dedicated for 26 years to this science and its multiple benefits on a physical, mental, and spiritual level.

We invite you to enjoy each of these classes and relive the extraordinary experience that was Wellnessing Getaway Online.