Autumn is that season of the year that is characterized by its warm colors and spicy aromas; dry leaves and cold days begin to show up and that is why we love to decorate our home especially at this time. Sure, some focus on making incredible decorations with the theme of Halloween or Day of the Dead, in the case of Mexico, but this time we want to share autumn ideas that will give your home a very special touch. Shall we start?

Dried flowers

A trend for interior decoration this fall-winter is dried flowers. Either you dry your bouquet or buy all kinds of already dried plants. The typical brown color of these ornaments adds a twist to any corner, from a simple glass vase, a basket, and even a flower pot.

Fruity touch

There are also some techniques to dehydrate some fruits and, in addition to decorating, give your house a peculiar aroma. Choose seasonal fruits, some citrus, or even nuts. They will look divine as the center of your dining room or in any space in the kitchen! Check out these ideas.

Candles + Aromas

In all sizes and shapes, candles will be a hit this season, as they add that warm touch to the home. Those that are aromatic are wonderful, it is a great combination: decoration and aromatherapy. We recommend you lean towards very typical autumn aromas such as cinnamon, anise, vanilla, and even pumpkin.


It is also time to take out our favorite cardigans and for the home, you can also include all kinds of crochet techniques or macramé. On your living room cushions, a blanket for the bedroom, for the table, and much more. What other ideas can you think of?


The traditional pumpkin could not be missing in this fall list, how about looking for something different? You can paint them in colors, add all kinds of materials such as buttons, ribbons, dry leaves … the possibilities are almost endless.


For this season, accessories and home decor that include wood will look beautiful. You don’t need to invest a lot, just put together an incredible ornament with the branches that fall from the trees. Whether they are boxes, pots, or cup holders, they will look great in your home.

Color palette

The typical colors of autumn go in tones between yellow, orange, red, and brown, but the proposal for this year is to give it a pop of color with pink, lilac, and even silver or gold.