It is probably that you have already cleaned your closet, anyway, if you still don’t, these ideas will make you take out all your clothes to give them a different touch.

Renew all you have in your wardrobe, you will add a unique style, let’s get started!


Lately, we use them as pajama, but you can add some details to give them a refresh. Whether you add little diamonds, some cuts, and textile paints, it will give that simple t-shirt a spin, you’ll complete a very chic casual look! Check these ideas:

Denim jackets

You usually use them only in winter o for casual looks, but with these ideas, you could give them a fresh look for the hot season. Try it with that jacket that you have at the bottom of the closet, you are going to renew all of them when you finish the first.


Flounces, glitter, cuts, colored fabrics or textile paints… those jeans that you hardly use anymore, could have another chance if you give them your touch.


Colored laces, ribbons, textile paints, diamonds or other decorative materials that will give them a very cool texture. Regardless of whether they are sneakers, sandals, high heels or flats, with a small detail, they will look 100% different.


In the same way, you can customize your hair clips, headbands, sunglasses, necklaces and all those accessories that you no longer use as much. A little glitter is good for everything.

What will you start with?