As kids, we just wanted to create new stories, let the imagination flow, laugh about everything, and find entertainment in simple things. Nowadays, it is probable that your children are at that age where fun is the priority, but as parents, you are also concerned about stimulating their skills.

In Velas Resorts, our friends Pancho and Franki have a special gift for your kids: An Easter Edition book with activities like crosswords, word puzzles, mazes and more. This will bring fun and will develop their cognitive ability during their free time.

Specialists say that these activities are really important while your kids are growing, since they activate some learning functions, and improve reasoning.

These are some main benefits they will get:

  • Development of cognitive processes such as memory, concentration, and attention
  • Improvement of vocabulary and language 
  • Stimulation of their creativity and reasoning 
  • Enhancement of confidence and self-esteem 

Either at home or school, your kids will love these activities with Franki and Pancho!

Download it here and have fun!