This time at home has allowed us to create different memories and make many activities, we hope that one of them has been organizing your wardrobe … not yet? This is the perfect opportunity to select those clothes that will work perfectly this summer.

Fashion trends for men change differently from that of women trends, but we want that, if you plan to take a trip soon or continue to enjoy your home, these looks are essential for this warm season.


Printed shirts: from silk to cotton, these summer shirts with floral, animal, and colorful prints are a must-have. While last year set the trend with Elvis Presley-inspired Hawaiian shirts, this 2020 opens up more possibilities with floppy styles.

Retro Polo Shirts: We travel directly to the ’50s with these classic collars and buttons. Cotton fabric will be the great ally and of course, neutral colors will give you that fresh touch.

Trousers: The skinny style is already disappearing this season, to give entrance to the floppy style, “carrot” type, which are looser from the top, but also a straight cut is still essential. You can add the brightness of the season with pastel colors, are you up for it?


Loafers: these classics fit perfectly with any style: casual, formal, or sporty, you will not go unnoticed. This season some more modern, colorful, and diverse textures designs are presented.

Nice Sneakers: a few years ago it was known as “ugly sneakers”, but large footwear firms have made way for different tennis silhouettes that today suit any outfit. And it is that sports shoes until a certain time was exclusively for that, but especially this summer the retro will set the trend, especially the boot-like silhouette.


Sunglasses: This summer they will lead the classic black-rimmed glasses, whether square or rectangular, protecting yourself from the sun’s rays is very important. For a more daring look, yellows will stand out in any casual style.

Staying true to your style and adding the essential characteristics of fashion will make you have a very authentic outfit. Are you ready for summer?