Probably, at this time at home you’ve had different activities as watching a movie with your family, learn new cuisine skills, try a new skincare routine, create some handcrafts, or exercise your body.

Even in the distance, we are still together and now we are preparing a special surprise, which you will uncover soon on your next visit to our resorts. You just have to send us the videos and photos of all those experiences during this time.

Our chefs personalized some recipes to adapt them to the ingredients that you have in your kitchen. If you participated in our What’s in your pantry? dynamic, send us some pictures and/or videos of the process or the final result, but if not, don’t worry! We share with you the best gastronomic secrets in more than 100 easy recipes created by the chefs. We invite you as well to share the experience and your love for cooking with us!

Get inspired with these easy crafts for your kids, have they made some art and had fun? Show us their handmade creations or that new game that your children create to fill their days with fun and learning.

We want to take a look at your relaxing kit! If you had a moment to treat yourself, did you add a personal touch to the aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, meditation sessions, or your daily workout? There is a whole world to discover in Wellnessing and all of our tips!

We can’t wait to see all the videos and photos of your best moments at home. Share them in the following form or upload them to your social media using the hashtags #DreamingTogether and #VelasResorts.

We will surprise you on your next visit to any of our properties!