One of the best cooking tips is to have your menu organized for the week, this will always help you spend less and make better use of your cooking times. Do you remember that we share a list of breakfasts for each day of your week? This time we focus on this versatile dish, perfect as an entreé or accompaniment to the main course, THE SALAD.

The way to prepare this dish, which is so well known worldwide, is very variable and simple, as it is the combination of vegetables and greens —mainly— and there are many possibilities to mix with other ingredients. Check out these ideas so you can make a different salad every day of the week.

Monday: Orange + Nuts

For a great source of vitamin C, add a few pieces of orange to your lettuce mix —you can even add mandarin or grapefruit— that will give the dish that bittersweet touch, plus the crunch that the nuts will provide will be a delicious explosion of flavors.

Tuesday: Pumpkin 

Calabaza en tacha is a special seasonal dish, but mixing it with a little kale will give this ingredient an unexpected twist. The natural sweetness of this pumpkin is perfect to add some nuts like raisins or almonds.

Wednesday: Apple + Cranberries

The blueberry and apple mix goes perfectly with the arugula flavor. We recommend you prepare this salad with green apples, they will give it the perfect acidity that will be balanced with the sweetness of dehydrated cranberries. You can add some soft cheese like goat cheese and give this salad an extra.

Thursday: Beetroot

A vegetable full of minerals like iron and calcium; and vitamins E and C, in addition to giving a very striking color to your salad today, you will have that delicious flavor that you can mix with carrot, broccoli, or pineapple. Sounds like an exquisite mix!

Friday: Pasta + Cherry tomatoes

The weekend just started and it is the perfect time to twist it with a pasta salad and cherry tomatoes. To your favorite pasta add tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella cheese, without a doubt a great inspiration is the Caprese salad so don’t forget a few drops of olive oil.

Saturday: Chickpeas + Cucumber

Greens aside, this chickpea and cucumber salad will be the special of the day. Just cook the chickpea well and add cubes of cucumber, carrot, or tomato and a few drops of lemon. Delicious!

Sunday: Figs + Feta Cheese

A classic combination of cheese boards in the form of a salad. Perfect to end the week, either with arugula or lettuce, this mixture will become your favorite salad.

Let’s start mixing!