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Extremely hot days and our craving for a refreshingly cool treat to deal with the summer temperatures are on the rise. Now that the hottest days of the year are coming, it’s necessary to look for quick, fresh, and light options to cool off our families this season. 

To satisfy cravings and make your children happy, check out these snacks to enjoy a refreshing summer:

Fruit kebabs 

Fortunately, there are low-calorie snacks with a delightful taste. Fruit kebabs are a healthy, mouthwatering, and easy-to-prepare treat if you are looking for a snack that provides energy and nutrition to your loved ones. Whether during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, multicolor kebabs will satisfy the whims of your little ones between meals.  

We recommend you consider the flavors and textures of every fruit at the time of preparation. For example, you can interchange sour and sweet-flavored fruits in the same kebab. Kids will surely love it!

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Chocolate-covered raspberries 

A simple but irresistible treat to pamper your palate! Chocolate-covered raspberries are perfect to surprise your guests as it’s a creative, delicious, and non-conventional snacks. Whether sour or sweet, for most of us, chocolate is an alluring indulgence, no matter the presentation. And combined with the flavors of the raspberry, you’ll get an exquisite and healthy snack. 

Frozen grapes 

Just what everyone needs to cool off this summer, and the best of all is that this snack is so easy to prepare. But consider the following process: before keeping the grapes in the freezer, don’t forget to spread them in a recipient; this ensures your grapes won’t stick together once they’re frozen. 

When they’re ready, you can enjoy them with your favorite yogurt, use them as sweet ice cubes in a cocktail, or decorate your pudding. If you want to look creative, we suggest you prepare kebabs with grapes of different colors. To do so, make sure to thread the grapes on wooden sticks before storing them in the freezer. 

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Anchovy-stuffed olives

This is the perfect snack for those looking to avoid ultra-processed foods. Anchovy-stuffed olives are a refreshing and healthy appetizer that is better enjoyed if you pair it with a cold beer. 

In addition to that, anchovies are a rich source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, which allows you to lower cholesterol and boost your immune system. On the other hand, olives are major contributors to iron, vitamin E, and magnesium, nutrients that improve your digestion and provide energy, among other interesting benefits. As you can see, this snack is healthier than you could ever imagine. 

Frozen chocolate-covered bananas

A delectable snack you can easily prepare with your kids; this will help you change the routine, allowing you to have fun during the process. Once you’ve peeled the banana, thread it on a stick to transform it into a lollipop. 

Place several bananas on a recipient and store them in the freezer for 90 minutes until they have a solid texture. After that, dip each in melted chocolate and immediately add your children’s favorite topping, such as multicolor sprinkles or chopped dried fruits. Place them into the freezer once again for about 30 minutes  to finally enjoy. 

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Is there another snack you’d add to the list?