Spring is perhaps the most anticipated season in terms of renewal; given that the equinox marks the beginning of Spring, it also presents the perfect opportunity to align with the energy of the universe and purify the soul through different rituals based on ancient techniques.

Many of these customs originate from cultures that celebrated the arrival of Spring and took advantage of the alignment of the stars to perform healing rituals. Ancient civilizations carried out such ceremonies under the premise that seasonal changes marked the growth of healthy crops, as well as the flows of nature.

Rituals to welcome Spring season
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What is the equinox?

Beyond its contemporary and pre-Hispanic meaning, in astronomical terms, it is the time of the year when the sun moves north across the celestial equator, which causes the duration of the day and night to be the same.

The equinox occurs twice each year, around the 20th of March and 23rd of September, one takes place in the southern hemisphere and the other in the north. Although each equinox signifies the change of seasons, several cultures welded a special meaning which warranted ceremonies, celebrations, and in some cases, sacrifices.

The rituals related to the Spring equinox are associated with renewal, growth, purification, and in some instances, a transitional opportunity. Renew your inner spiritual self with these 5 rituals inspired by the Spring equinox. 

To welcome Spring

Spring cleaning is an essential part of this season, as it is the perfect opportunity to shift the energy around us and streamline processes as well as flows of prosperity. It is necessary to discard everything you no longer use that is sitting in your home, merely taking up useless space.

This also means making sure your drawers and closets are neatly stored, clean, and free of any old or broken items. Tidy every corner of your home and assess rearranging your furniture so that the energy flows harmoniously.

For prosperity

In Mexican culture, the Spring equinox transpired during the month of the flowers, which was dedicated to the mother goddess, Coatlicue. During this annual event, various rituals in honor of this goddess took place. 

Among the customs that were carried out by this culture were meditation, fasting, rituals that involved dances, choirs, and music, the burning of incense, as well as the preparation and consumption of sweetened and fermented beverages blended with maguey.

To attract purity

If you don’t have much time to spare for rituals like the ones above, there are other activities that you can arrange, which along with the energy of the equinox, promote tranquility and peace. For instance, dressing in all white is favorable during this period as this color allows you to engulf yourself with the positive energy that this natural phenomenon produces.

To unlock new paths

This season is ideal for embarking on new paths and letting go of all the adverse experiences of the past. To achieve this, we recommend you write a letter with all the negative situations that occurred to you and burn it. Then write a new one that contains all of the wishes you have for this year, focus on everything you crave, as well as the motivation to obtain it.

Ritual for prosperity: write all your purposes and desires in a letter.

To praise the future

If you intend to attract economic prosperity, love, or clinch future projects, we suggest you place fragrant indoor plants around you as they discharge special energy loads that will help boost your desires while visualizing your goals.

A verbena seed is ideal for your money desires — to attract health — a rosemary seed is suitable, and if you’re seeking love, we suggest going with a clove seed.

Now that you know more about the activities and rituals that summon the balance of the universe and the energy of the Spring equinox, which do you prefer?