We have shared with you a special mandala’s book to find a moment of tranquility. Full it with colors is a very special activity, but, today we want you to create your mandala since zero. First, let’s know a little bit more about its essence.

The word “mandala” has its origin in Sanskrit and means Sacred Circle. In general, these special shapes symbolize the universe. Their history is not concrete, but there are many representations in different cultures around the world.

Visually, it is a circle with other shapes on it, and what makes it interesting is its symmetry, which gives us peace. There are circles everywhere: the planets, nature, atoms, even time is an infinite cycle. All of these aspects are reflected in the mandalas. Even though it looks to be just a circle with limited space, its meaning is really powerful: here and now. At the same time, this meaning is connected with external factors like time and space. For this and more reasons, mandalas are very catchy, because we related to our surroundings.

Buddhists use mandalas as a meditation technique, and with several studies, it is proved that it brings tranquilizer effects to your mind. While you are drawing or coloring it, your senses get focus and your energy gets balancing.

 Thus, today we want you to show you a peculiar way to make mandalas.

It doesn’t matter if you make it on paper, sand, water or any other element, every mandala is unrepeatable since you reflect your personality on it but, what are the most basic elements in this symbol?

  • Circle is the essence of being.
  • Triangle: the energy and the transformation.
  • Square is balancing and stability.
  • Cross means the direction of the chooses.
  • Star is optimism and success.
  • Spiral: the course of life.
  • Heart: friendship and happiness.
  • Butterfly: the being’s transformation.

There are no rules, just let your feelings flow.