Getting down to work triggers kids’ creativity, develops their ability to concentrate and work as a team, while creating bonds with their parents and playmates.

Use all the materials you have at home: paints, brushes, ribbons, markers … The goal is to create incredible crafts with simple things. Now more than ever, it is crucial to create awareness in kids about their environment, so incorporating objects that can be recycled will be a wonderful idea.

Here are some great ideas to give start to fun:

Fun paper plates

Before you get rid of those party paper plates, take a glimpse to these fun ideas for kids to set off their imagination and spend good times coloring, painting and cutting!

Cereal boxes that come to life

Kids love cereal! And after a delicious breakfast, you can recycle the boxes for kids to design amazing objects, and help take care of our planet.

Playful soda platica caps

Collect as many plastic caps as you can. Then, it is time for kids to craft some incredible toys and art pieces with their signature. So beautiful you wouldn’t believe they are made of recycled materials. Meanwhile, the little ones will be taking conscience of the importance of recycling.

Cardboard in all shapes

With this versatile supply, your children will give it any shape and paint it as they most like. From special pencil holders to guitars and boats to create infinite stories in the living room. What else could they make?

More than plastic

Shampoo or water bottles and spoons are wonderful supplies to create a piggy bank, a vase for your flowers or pots that could use in a gardening day.

Colorful threads

There are so many different types of threads, even you could start on the basis of macrame. But, your child can make a special decoration for her or his room, what about an octopus with its tentacles or friendships bracelets. This is a very easy tutorial.

Pasta that is not just pasta

Painting pasta is a really entertaining and therapeutic activity. They can make some jewelry like necklaces or bracelets, or they could follow their artistic heart and stick them on the paper to create his or her first artwork.

Build with popsicle wooden sticks

At school, these must be one of the kids’ favorite. Just let their imagination run wild, since there is a world of possibilities, from a small house to his or her fav animal.

have you got more fun ideas like this? Please share with us your photos and videos using the hashtag #VelasResorts. We will love to see your kids’ art and crafts!