If you’ve previously visited Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit or Grand Velas Los Cabos, then you can recall the warmth and excellent service that each staff member extended from the moment of your arrival.

Such is the pledge to serve guests in the most extraordinary way, that in the lobby of both resorts sit two works of art, which stand out among all the decoration; the “magician’s chair” and his companion, the “magician’s lectern”.

The arrangement of the duo of sculptures was deliberately selected as one welcomes guests upon arrival at the lobby, much similar to Mexico’s deep-rooted customs, which extend visitors a seat after their long voyage. The magician invites guests to rest and prepare for the magical spectacle they will experience during their visit.

Alejandro Colunga, a Tapatio sculptor, and painter who has showcased his work in cities such as New York, Washington, Guadalajara, and Puerto Vallarta, is the talent behind both works of art. These two sculptures were personally requested by Eduardo Vela, founder, and owner of Velas Resorts, who sought after a piece of art that would welcome its visitors.

Colunga intended to illustrate the warmth that a host bestows upon his guests, as he’s a firm believer that true magicians are those who formulate art through exceptional service.

Hence the lectern of the magician which reveals the inscription “The magic begins here”, making reference to the warmth of every staff member of Velas Resorts, as well as the generosity and passion for their service.

So on your next visit to Grand Velas Los Cabos or Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit, don’t forget to sit in the magician’s chair, the first to greet you on your extraordinary vacation.