In an event as important as a wedding, it is a must-to-do to check out even the smallest detail, as it will be a memory for a lifetime both for the bride and groom and their guests. Of course, one of the first steps in this planning is setting up the budget, which basically is, how the expenses for invitations, wedding dress, banquet, reception place, etc. should be distributed.

To make this event an unforgettable moment, the Velas Resorts’ Wedding Planners share 5 tips to optimize your wedding budget. With these little ideas about decoration, choice of place, guests, and others, they are of great help if you are about to start planning your nuptial event or if someone close to you is about to do it. Shall we start?

1. Choose seasonal flowers

The decoration is the essence of your love story and flowers are usually the biggest expense —after banquet— at a wedding when they are not in season it is necessary to take special care to keep them in good condition.

Based on the inspiration of each bride, it is important to choose flowers that grow during the season within the region. According to the range of colors that you want to use, this is a great idea for beautiful combinations, in addition to this, import and maintenance costs will be reduced.

2. Plan a destination wedding

Destination weddings are more practical than you would think, since, among the many benefits, you have a planning team at your disposal, your guests pay for their stay while they celebrate with you, you frame the beginning of a new story in beautiful landscapes, romantic experiences and more.

This kind of event becomes a memorable one for everybody, as it also means a mini-vacation and a celebration full of romance. Besides, some resorts have basic furniture included in the cost of each event and you can choose how to invest your budget from there.

3. Hosting your guests

Linked to the previous idea, it is normally recommended to host 80% of your guests in the hotel where the event will take place. Some properties often charge a fee to outside visitors to enter their wedding events, so the more guests they have, the more benefits will increase and the better the rates for your group.

4. Local shopping!

When choosing to have your wedding in a destination, it is a good plan to keep in mind the wonders that the place you chose for your event offers. From the giveaways for the guests, centerpieces, and all kinds of details that will give a unique personality to the nuptial ceremony.

Get inspired by the local crafts or vendors! In this way, shipping costs and transportation logistics will be saved.

5. List your priorities

Make a check-list of what you cannot miss at your wedding, sort it by priorities and share it with your Wedding Planner. It is a good way to have a clearer vision of what you will allow yourself to invest more in and what aspects you can leave as micro-expenses that are even substitutable.

For example, some couples prefer a minimalist decoration and a delicious or extravagant banquet, or some prefer a more luxurious décor and a simpler menu. Everything will depend on what you have always dreamed of!

Ready to say: “Yes, I do”?

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