Located in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico, which is an important group of mountains between the states of Durango, Zacatecas, Nayarit, and Jalisco, Huichol people are a culture of indigenous people in this zone. Although they have an uncertain origin, their elements connect with their traditions and beliefs. 

One of the most beautiful typical costumes is from this Mexican culture, and their handmade crafts such as the Eye of God has relevant elements that highlight the cosmovision of this tribe. Today we are going to show you the most important symbology of the Huichol culture, also known as Wixárikas.


It’s the most important figure in the culture since it is considered the Messenger of the Gods and the creator of peyote and corn, which are elements with a huge symbolic meaning.



This small spineless cactus that grows in some areas of Mexico, for Huichol people, is a mythical portal between the Gods and humanity, and it also symbolizes the beginning of life and the balance of the world.

Photo via: artesaniahuichol.com

Eye of God

It’s an instrument to acquire the “gift of seeing”. The Wixárikas believe that this form shows things and places as they are and balance their soul in the here and now. Also, it indicates the 5 directions of the universe: East, West, North, South, and Center.



The principal deity, even older than the sun, it is one of their protective Gods, Huichol people find in it the purification and the cleaning of their souls. For this reason, it is used for many rituals and ceremonies. Its protector is represented by a lizard.


The symbol of this animal, as well as peyote, is considered as a bridge between Gods and humanity. The Huichol community believes that in its feathers resides the power to see and hear everything, to cure diseases and make the Sun and rain appear.

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It symbolizes the masculine gender and is an element that Huichol people use to hunt and send messages. The messenger arrows are related to the eagle, as they paint and decorate it with feathers to send a message to their Gods.

Gourd bowls

It symbolizes the feminine gender because the seeds that are transported to the field to be fertilized are placed in it. It’s also an instrument used for some ritual, which likewise sends messages to their deities.

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The Wixárikas has a rich culture and their meanings connect with each element they use to represent their world view. Which symbol seems more peculiar to you?