Surely you have heard about chromotherapy or color therapy and the great benefits it has on health and well-being, but how is it that colors bring us so many positive things? For many years, each culture has adopted different meanings of colors, but universally, with the passage of time and the development of chromotherapy, it has been verified that colors have an impact on our energy.

It is a multidisciplinary alternative therapy, as it combines contributions from psychology, metaphysics, physics, medicine, and even art. Chromotherapy arises from the study of the chromatic spectrum into which sunlight is divided, by obtaining 7 different colors, the alterations and vibrations that each one contributes have been carefully studied.

But, what applications does this treatment have?

Relaxation in the spa

There are special rituals where the light, with the colors controlled by a professional, is directed to certain points of the body to alleviate localized discomforts or, in a relaxed environment, the colored light will make the energy vibrations renew your inside.

To decorate your home

The colors we choose when decorating our spaces at home greatly influence the mood of those who visit us or live there. Although initial studies of chromotherapy only present us with 7 colors and their meanings, mixing them to obtain more tones carries an even stronger energy charge. In the end, it’s about creating a space that suits your energy!

In your daily outfit

Surely more than one person at some point in your life has shared those etiquette tips to dress in a job interview, to attend a wedding, and for many more social events, but under the philosophy of chromotherapy, the colors we choose for our outfit are also absorbed by our body to radiate certain moods or characteristics of your personality.

The color of your food

Following the principles of color therapy, including ingredients of each color like —this purple tubercule— in our daily diet is the best way to balance a healthy diet and obtain all the necessary benefits and nutrients.