Can you imagine a day in front of the sea with your favorite refreshing drink? A perfect day sunbathing, listening to the waves of the sea, and admiring the beauty of Bahía de Banderas. It sounds like a dream plan, and the fact is that the privileged Mexican coasts have endless places for you to enjoy the tropical climate, but living this experience in a beach club is enjoying the natural beauty of the sea from the front row.

Specifically, we are talking about the calm waters of the Mexican Pacific, a place where we find a paradise facing the sea: Táu Beach Club. Located at the heart of La Marina, in Puerto Vallarta, this adults-only beach club has everything you need to enjoy a day of rest to the fullest.

Vital energy

Inspired by Huichol mythology, Táu is the god “Sun” and represents the source of vital energy. Thinking about that Wixárika worldview, this paradise envelops you in that heat that revives every sense and part of your being.

The importance of the Sun in this millenary culture has left a great legacy and meaning among the inhabitants of this area of ​​Mexico, since every day both locals and tourists take advantage of the warmth and tropical climate of the destination.

Renewal and delight

Táu Beach Club has recently included a new decoration and menu that honors the prestigious area in which it is located. In addition, as part of the experience, visitors will enjoy the International Gourmet Festival from November 10th to 20th, 2022, with the special participation of Chef Hugo A. Sandoval Rivera, the Executive Chef of Hacienda San Lorenzo, is the oldest winery in America, which produced its first wine in 1594.

Among the dishes for dinner and brunch that you can delight in this festival are the roasted bok choy, green apple aguachile, octopus sandwich, and risotto with roasted tomatillos. How about a dessert? The roasted pear cream with citrus, honey ice cream, and hazelnut crumble will be your favorite. Perhaps you prefer something more classic like Benedictine eggs with cornbread or carrot pancakes with lavender-essence Bavarian cream and candied walnuts.

It’s an unmissable occasion!

Whether it is your wedding anniversary, the union of your love vows in front of the sea, your best friend’s birthday, a great achievement of the year, or perhaps you need an exclusive day of relaxation, with a whole collection of services and amenities that will make you enjoy at all times of the sun and the sea breeze, the experience at Táu Beach Club is a must in Vallarta.

From sun loungers with umbrellas, Bali beds, lockers, and showers, to the warmth of the Pool Concierge and a menu of specialties with delicious snacks, sea classics, and drinks, every detail will fill your being with energy and unforgettable moments.

No matter the occasion, spending a whole day at a beach club should be on your bucket list of micro-adventures this year.

Photo by Táu Beach Club