When humanity discovered fire and learned how to control it, their nomadic lifestyle would never be the same. Stories and flavors began to intertwine around the bonfires, and a new life vocation would then be born.

We celebrate International Chef’s Day on October 20th, and we want to exalt these magnificent experience-creators.

A bit of history

During the Roman Empire, food began to be considered more like a sensory experience, rather than a mere physiological need. This civilization held the first feasts and banquets history keeps record of. Romans started to try with new flavors and combinations so unusual before those times.

Although the exuberance of Roman banquets does not go unnoticed, it is thanks to the European monarchy that haute cuisine takes the form and figure we know today.

Pleasing the royalty’s palate was not an easy task to excel, so the talent of chefs de cuisine managed to orchestrate delicacies that fit for a king.

New methodologies

Guillaume Tirel, one of the first great chefs, marked the history of gastronomy by making of the culinary affairs, an art. It was he who began to found the first glimpses of gastronomic methodology, compiled in the book Le Viandier.

With the knowledge heritage of chefs, establishments serving food to visitors and locals, would be born. The word restaurant comes from the French restaurer which means to restore, alluding to the rest and nutrition that food provides.

In a chef’s voice

Chef Michel Mustière, Culinary Director of Velas Resorts, shares with us where his passion for cooking comes from:

My story is an anthology of lucky encounters with the culinary world that goes back to the most tender years of my childhood: the exotic flavors of Reunion Island near Madagascar, the place where my mother grew up, as well as the always-fresh products of the Norman roots of my father, helped to forge this career, which I have embraced so seriously.

Exciting and always rewarding, this career has given me great satisfactions: recently, and hand in hand with the visionary and innovative spirit of Velas Resorts, I had the honor of receiving at my home, Grand Velas Riviera Maya, the North American Chapter Annual Congress of Maîtres Cuisiniers de France in its 53rd edition —which ventured off-borders for the first time and chose Mexico as its host.

Mexico, it is impossible not to fall in love with this country and the wonders of its cuisine; even if I lived three lives, to discover the richness of its dishes would be an endless task. This is here where I have put down roots for the last 27 years of my life and the place where I have discovered a new home to pour my rigorous training as a chef, but also the freedom to explore the new cuisine.”

About Michel Mustiére:

Chef Mustiére is a member of Maîtres Cuisiniers de France and the Culinary Academy of France; Corporate Culinary Director for the Velas Resorts hotels where he is in charge of the gastronomic design of every restaurant. He has received many recognitions such as the Maître Cuisiniers de France Medal of Honor (the only one in Mexico), the Maître Cuisiniers de France Medal of Professional Education (the first in the world) and the Knight of the World Order of the Culinary Academy of France.