How to decorate your Easter eggs

Holy Week and Easter are just around the corner and with them, the long-awaited holidays, in which children can get quite creative and spend their free time decorating the Easter eggs.

This is an incredible activity for you and your kids to have super fun times and together decorate a corner of your home. We leave you some original ideas to decorate the eggs and give a warm welcome to the Easter bunny!

Pastel colors

Pastel colors look spectacular on egg shells. We recommend acrylic paint, so you can paint lines, geometric shapes, or flowers on them!

How to decorate your Easter eggs with pastel colors and acrylic paint

Mexican style… Ajúa!

These probably require a lot more precision. You can be inspired by patterns of Mexican festivities such as the Day of the Dead, or traditional crafts such as alebrijes, talavera, and Huichol art.

Mexican style Easter eggs decoration

Stylish metallic

Metallic spray paint will allow you to give the eggs a more elegant touch. You can cover them in a single color, or play with different shades. You can even give them a “spatial” touch or as if they were painted with gold!

Pick your color… Monochromatic

Another trend in many areas —including fashion— is the monochromatic style, that is, always maintaining a single color, even if it is in different shades. In Easter eggs this can look really cute!

Monochromatic Easter eggs decoration


Kids can get very creative exploring all the possible emotions and feelings that can be reflected in these little yellow faces!

Easter eggs decoration emojis

Tye Dye

A technique for which you will need the whole egg and not just the shell. You should boil the eggs until they are fully cooked. When cool, wrap them in a paper towel as shown in the first photo.

With food coloring, paint several colored dots, leaving blank spaces between them. Then, spray some water so that the colors begin to unify (be careful not to over-wet it). Let them dry with a fan and uncover them. The result will be like the second photo!


Decorate and paint the eggs as plants; you can even glue them with dried natural or artificial plants, and place them in a pot that you can also decorate to your taste. They will look beautiful!

DIY flowerpots with Easter eggs

Famous characters

Receive this holiday with Mickey Mouse and his friends, with your favorite superheroes, with Han Solo and Chewbacca, or the Minions… Choose your favorite character and make a work of art!


Another option, similar to that of famous characters, is to choose your favorite movie and paint the shells with elements alluding to it. Play with all the textures you can, like colored stones, glitter, pearls, feathers, papier-mâché, etc.!


Magical unicorns

This is another great idea for the little ladies in the family, which gives them endless color possibilities. Decorate the head of the unicorn with artificial flowers, the little horn can be made of foami with glitter or glitter paper.

Unicorn Easter eggs decoration

A tiny snack

The whole family can paint their favorite food or snack. They will surely have hours of fun and will also crave the Easter bunny!

All glitter!

Paint the shells in neon colors and when they dry, brush them with resistol to bathe them —very carefully— in glitter. Bright and jazzy so they won’t go unnoticed!

Glitter DIY Easter eggs

We hope you liked these ideas. What was the one that you liked the most? Share your comments below and…

Have a Happy Easter!